Jackie came highly recommended to me by my acupuncturist. My husband and I had been trying to conceive without luck and I’d wanted to get my diet and supplementation right on track.  Jackie sent me off for the relevant blood tests which revealed I had high mercury levels in my system.  She caringly guided me through the nine month long detox process, recommending the most effective diet and supplementing as she saw fit.  By the summer the mercury had fallen to safe levels and I was pregnant with my first baby very soon afterwards.  Jackie was on hand to give me advice whenever it was needed before and throughout my healthy pregnancy, always able to explain the science behind her recommendations.  Her vast knowledge of nutritional medicine is incredibly impressive and I would recommend her services without hesitation.

Caroline (N10)

“Professional and compassionate, Jackie combines a holistic approach with great nutritional expertise and a wonderfully inspiring positivity. I came to Jackie 4 months ago with a wide range of issues. With careful understanding Jackie devised a personal nutritional programme and within a couple of months the digestive issues that have dogged me nearly all my adult life are now almost completely resolved. The experience has been overwhelmingly positive – I have even discovered some new foods that I adore and would never have otherwise tried.  I am really grateful to Jackie for her expert advice and in particular for the time, care and personal attention she has given me in getting me back on the road to recovery. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone .”

Katy (London SW1)

“I went to Jackie for advice on dealing with stress and insomnia. She has a very caring and thorough approach and her advice is very practical – always acknowledging the reality and pressures of modern life. I started taking magnesium and rhodiola supplements prescribed by Jackie and noticed the beneficial effects almost immediately. I was able to sleep through the night within a couple of days and my immune system improved significantly. I even successfully avoided catching the various bugs my children brought home from school! I recommended Jackie to a family member with ulcerative colitis and she is also very happy with the advice provided by Jackie. In short, she has had a really positive impact on our lives and is highly recommended.”

Sakina  (London N10)


“I saw Jackie on recommendation about a problem I had with my hair having started to fall out due to stress, I thought.  She took a through history which included my eating habits and supplements I was taking, and asked me to have a blood test to check levels of what she considered may be relevant markers for the hair loss and general feeling of tiredness I was experiencing.  This showed that I had such low levels of ferritin that hair growth would have been almost impossible, let alone good!
With a diet, lifestyle and supplement regime regime of supplements  I am very pleased with the turnaround in about a year, from how things had been. Obviously hair takes a long time to grow, and I have long hair too, so it is an ongoing process for now until my ferritin levels return to more normal, however the improvement to date is great.
I found Jackie very professional and sympathetic as a practitioner in my problem:  it also helps that she is most personable and I would thoroughly recommend her”
Francesca (London SW1)